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Troublesooting the ORFR-1

ORFR-1 Version 2 Red Display Troubleshooting

Questions to find out and then you can get parts or fixes based on these answers.

1. What is the display reading or doing 4-5 seconds after it is plugged in?
2. What does the display read after 10 minutes of being plugged in or just what does it say if you have not unplugged and re-plugged in.
3. Are the Lights and do you hear the Interior Fans running? (if they not running or on, then check your power plug. Fans will not run with the door open, but you can hear them stop and start)
4. Feel the large inside white plate against the back wall of the Fridge with the back of your hand. Is it cool, cold, or warm
5. How long has the Fridge not cooling been going on?
6. After 10 minutes, can you hear the compressor or a motor running in the back of the Refer, like your kitchen fridge does?
(NOTE: It takes the refer a full 5-8 minutes to cycle on before it will start cooling. )

Symptom 1 - unit will not cool, and Display says “EO"
You can hear the inside Fans run and Inside light come on.

Symptom 2 - unit counts up from 0-30 and then back down and then says “EO” or it displays a -76

Symptom 1 and 2 - Cause and Solutions - Black Probe wire that connects to be back of the controller is lose or one or both ends are disconnected.
See Video - Service Bulletin and removing the tabs How to tighten the Green ORFR-1 V2 Controller Plugs -

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